WidasRun Data Center

Flexible and secure to successful digitalization

With WidasConcepts from strategy to software and now also to the data center.
Since November 2017, the WidasRun Data Center is live, providing a new home for Widas Cloud Services and your software solutions.

After the development of modern solutions, the problem often arises of running them into operation. That’s why we have expanded our service offerings and now not only offer you the development of modern IT solutions, but also run and operate them for you in our modern WidasRun Data Center.

We rely on modern and future-proof technologies. Starting with the deployment of the innovative data center operating system – DC / OS – for the development, operation and scaling of enterprise solutions, container landscapes and large distributed systems, we rely on a future-oriented technology stack, with e.g. Docker, Elastic, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, MongoDB, and many more.

Our DevOps experts not only ensure fail-safe and efficient operation, but are also happy to consult and give advise in defining the ideal set-up that best suits your needs.

Benefit from:

  • 24×7 expert Support
  • Calculable costs
  • Flexibility – in both resources and technologies.
  • Customizable to your individual needs
  • Use of the latest hardware and software
  • GDPR conformity