Managed Services

Fail-safe operation and active maintenance of your software in the cloud

Simplify, optimize and operate

Digitisation is picking up speed in all areas. Organizations have to hold their own in this dynamic environment and invest in modern technologies with ever shorter time-to-market. Another challenge is to avoid conflicts of interest between the various players when it comes to bringing a product to market quickly. Digitization requires a team that understands how business is planned and executed on the fly, and technologies that enable rapid development and adaptation.

Bringing your current business together with the latest technologies into a coherent strategy to drive digitalisation in all areas of a company – that is what our expertise is all about. While the focus is on the innovation of your products or services, we take care of the foundation of your digital business – the development, operation and maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

While you make your products and services future-proof, we do the same with your IT infrastructure. With Managed Services by Widas and our Active Lifecycle Management, we keep your software always up-to-date and provide 24/7 support to ensure fail-safe and efficient operation. 

We design and operate

We supply you with the complete package - from the consultation, over the conception up to the operation

A software environment tailored to your requirements and with a strong focus on your customers. Our IT specialists will support you from the conception and implementation to maintenance.

With proactive service and infrastructure monitoring, we monitor your software solution and can ensure reliable operation, proactive intervention and fast response times.

With CI/CD Pipelines we create faster development cycles, achieve an increase in quality and reduce your costs.

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous deployment

Active Lifecycle Management

Software lives and interfaces change! We maintain your software and develop it further so that your software is always state-of-the-art.

With our active security and change management, we make sure that patches and security updates of the IT infrastructure are applied.

We support you throughout the entire life cycle of your software and advise you on the further development of your business model, whether new innovative ideas or requirements - we are at your side.

Widas Cloud Services

Whether private cloud, public cloud or hybrid architecture - we support all conceivable infrastructure models and operate your software on cloud services such as

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • or our own data center WidasRun

Our DevOps experts not only ensure fail-safe and efficient operation, but also help you to design the ideal set-up for your requirements

For our cloud solutions and hosting we rely on a future-oriented technology stack with e.g. Kubernetes, DC/OS (Apache Mesos) and Docker


All from one source

With Widasconcepts from the strategy to the software up to the operation in the own Widasrun data center

We accompany you, from IT strategy to software development of digital solutions and operation, on our common path to the digital business model. The company’s own WidasRun Data Center, which has been in operation since 2017, strengthens our Managed Services and Widas Cloud Services. In doing so, we rely on modern and future-proof technologies. Flexibility, scalability and availability are ensured by a modern technology stack, using Kubernetes, DC/OS (Apache Mesos) and Docker.

We help you to define and set up the ideal setup and ensure fail-safe and efficient operation.

Benefit now from:

24/7 support from our experts 

Benefit from it now:

Calculable costs

Flexibility - both in terms of resources and technologies

Adaptation to your individual needs

Use of the latest hardware & software

GDPR conformity

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