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Everything at a glance: The Bigger Picture of IT

The core business of WidasConcepts is the design and development of customized Big-Data and Internet of things solutions. We aim to create intelligent business solutions that take into account the user context, user mobility and local intelligence. Our goal is to delight the end users with smart, engaging applications that show superlative value for your investments in technology.


Big Data Consulting

Revitalize your business and customer experience through recommendations, assistance and predictions in real time. We help you with customized Big Data as well as software solutions.


IoT and Mobile Consulting

What connections are important to you and how can you increase your competitiveness with IoT-Solutions- we help you identify the possibilities.


Strategic IT-Consulting

Your business-domains play across all platforms and end-devices seamlessly together. We take care of everything, starting from the business analysis and modern user-interface design up to the conception of the software architecture and its development .

So what will really happen when things, homes and cities become smart? The result will probably be a tsunami of what at first looks like very small steps, small changes.“

What's in IT for you?

What advantages does WidasConcepts offer you? Higher profitability. Lower risks. Clearly optimized sales processes and services. In Short: more success.


Customer Focus

Together with you, through our skilled architects, scientists, consultants and developers.


Business Value

Product and cost optimization, Risk assessment, 360 degree customer view: enabling better business decisions.


One-stop Solutions

We analyse your business potential and develop customized solutions that gives new business insights.

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