Automotive Industry
Case Study: Automotive Services
Case Study: Automotive Services 1024 509 manu.mukundan

Case Study: Automotive Services The aim: Better data transparency creating a sound foundation for deriving valuable forecasts and recommendations. Over view More than three quarters of new car buyers go first online to make considerations before buying The Connected car is gaining ground. Networked features are one of the most important criteria when buying a…

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Internet Of Things Solutions
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Internet of Things Solutions Billion things, vehicles, machinery, household appliances or building-sensors are inter-linked and play a major role in your processes. What connections are important to you and how can you increase your competitiveness with IoT-Solutions? We help you identify the possibilities of the IoT in your environment. Internet Of Things as success factor…

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Strategic IT Consulting
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Strategic IT Consulting Your business cycle optimally plays over all platforms and end appliances at the same time. We take care of you, right from business analysis and design of modern user interfaces to the conceptualization of software architecture and its development. IT architectures should not arise at random. In practice, however, this happens –…

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What’s in IT for you?
What’s in IT for you? 592 393 manu.mukundan

What’s in IT for you? What advantages does WidasConcepts offer you? Higher profitability. Lower risks. Clearly optimized sales processes and services. In Short: more success. We get the maximum benefit from your data for you: With innovative technologies, we generate valuable knowledge from the volumes of data in your enterprise. Our smart IT solutions think…

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