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The world is increasingly mobile and networked. Data is stored in clouds; classic e-mail communication is replaced by chat, video telephony and micro-blogging. Exchange takes place in social networks and platforms. And the amount of available data is growing steadily everywhere. Same applies, when it comes to cars. Automobiles provide more and more information. Besides that, a multitude of relevant data and facts are readily available in the context outside of the vehicle. Well, it is time to combine all this knowledge, to network and to derive advantages for the vehicle owner or driver!

Our solution: The independent community-platform CarbookPlus. A unique tool that makes an independent and comprehensive view on ones own mobility, modern professional vehicle and fleet management possible.

Members of the community get free information here – in real time; for example about traffic jams on the planned route and to the nearest low-priced gas-station or also reliable legal information on speed cameras. You can’t remember where you parked your car in a hurry? With the vehicle locating CarbookPlus you are sure to find it again.

The personal vehicle-eco-index, the recording of trips, up to clean documented logbook and a vehicle-cost-overview are no longer a problem with CarbookPlus. In addition, the platform makes the matching of the own vehicle with the data of other members of the community, possible. Furthermore, it simplifies the search for a suitable insurance provider or the best service workshop.

The vehicle documentation and collecting of all invoices, receipts and warranties are of great use for fleet management of companies. This way, the value of a vehicle can be soundly ascertained, relevant information can be passed on to the next holder. Companies benefit above all, also from the many advantage offers on CarbookPlus and the possibility of swarm-shopping. Because buyer interests for the community are bundled on the platform and providers are offered the chance to best-possibly promote their products.

CarbookPlus is simple and easy to use in any case. Via Web, mobile, and a mobile app. It can be easily adapted to the appearance and the offer of your company and be used in conjunction with an existing CRM solution. Also dealer networks can be gladly integrated into your own customer community.
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The technologies used
Storm, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Flume, Logstash, Tesseract, Apache Lucene, Java, J2EE, NoSQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS


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