Strategic IT Consulting

WidasConcepts supports you all the way to the future of IT

Strategic IT Consulting

Your business cycle optimally plays over all platforms and end appliances at the same time. We take care of you, right from business analysis and design of modern user interfaces to the conceptualization of software architecture and its development.

IT architectures should not arise at random. In practice, however, this happens – especially when short-term professional needs are met and an architecture management has not yet been sufficiently established.

You can count on us when it comes to developing a  clear conception and strategy for a target architecture and consolidate, optimize as well as expand your IT landscape in this regard.

IT-Strategy key points

Business analysis

Strategy concept

Software development

Project management

Because we  not only design architecture, but also bring it successfully to production.
We rely in particular on our experience from numerous major projects.
From the business analysis,  design of modern user interface, design of software architecture, to the development and  project management, we support you in every step of development.

USP with a thought-through Web 3.0 strategy

Simple and smart business solutions are increasingly becoming a success factor! The “Internet of Things” will emerge quickly from a multitude of concepts like Cloud architecture, Big Data or Mobility.
The question for you is how you would enter in to it successfully and provide for innovations with a clear differentiation. We will help you realize your goals.
Where do we stand today:
There are already companies that use these concepts very successfully! Be among the first here – because that might be your key advantage!

What you have to do today

Highlight your products and services and consider what expectations your customers have and what added value you can deliver in an online world.

  • Check whether your IT is equipped for the tasks ahead! For example: Do you have a mobile device strategy, do you already have a next-BI infrastructure to derive new knowledge?
  • Arrange a workshop-date with us where we match your business vision with the next IT developments.

The action plan for the next 3 months

  • Develop a business scenario where you can create a ‘wow’ factor with the help of software that thinks along – a “killer app”, so to speak.
  • Create the conditions for a rapid validation of the scenario and a defined budget.
  • Work with specialists – we at WidasConcepts are sure to lead you in to the future of IT.