Internet Of things Solutions

Internet Of Things Solutions

Internet of Things Solutions

Billion things, vehicles, machinery, household appliances or building-sensors are inter-linked and play a major role in your processes. What connections are important to you and how can you increase your competitiveness with IoT-Solutions? We help you identify the possibilities of the IoT in your environment.

Internet Of Things as success factor

How it works

  • Sensors for collecting data
  • Actuators for controlling
  • Intelligent processing of Data in real-time
  • Basis for Big Data


  • Smart Devices
  • Open (Web-) interfaces
  • Micronetworks
  • Sensors / Actuators
  • NFC (RFID)
  • Augmented Reality

Business Value

  • Simplifies Life
  • Production: Products are self-produced, Machines inform about wear or potential failure
  • Logistic-processes: supplies of goods is independently manoeuvred, informed about faults/disturbances.
  • Smart Home: Coffee-machine & Co. become intelligent
  • Makes Life more secure
  • Health telematics
  • Alarms, Monitoring, Auto pilots, etc.
  • Gives action-recommendations, makes decisions
  • Can save time and costs

Users want simple and intelligent business solutions. WidasConcepts develops and integrates modern and tailor-made software solutions. Our software experts develop integrated and customized sales and service solutions based on modern concepts and technologies which are intelligent and interactive.

And this is just the first step, because the number of mobile appliances and thereby, the number of mobile internet users is growing at an alarming rate. As a result the requirements from customers or users for mobile solutions will also keep growing.

End appliances and software solutions should support the customer in the background without any failures. The “Internet of Things” will emerge quickly from a multitude of concepts like Cloud architecture, Big Data and Mobility. The communication with the customers as well as a knowledge of their emotions, wishes and needs will, as a result, stay more and more in focus.
It is in this context that smart business solutions will be needed. They will take into account the mobility and local intelligence in the context of the user and delight him with customized information, recommendations and forecasts.


Our competencies

Conceptualization and development of IoT-solutions:

Analyzing the domain specific and technical environments, deriving usage scenarios, developing an implementation strategy etc.

The Bigger-Picture: linking the Internet of Things with Big Data-technologies

Meaningfully processing and using the collaborated information in real time to bring about a professional value-add to your organisation and increase your competitiveness.

Conceptualization and development of modern Mobile- & Web-solutions

Intelligent search, responsive design, Mobile/Social Commerce, context awareness, mobile payment, portals, sales and service solutions etc.

Full personalized support through

Our Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Mobile- and Web-developers, User Experience Designers and Middle ware-developers