Case Study

Evaluation of a fail-safe solution for large amounts of data.

Every day several million users’ data converge in online shops. But how can they be most effectively structured, stored and evaluated? We designed a database solution that meets all these requirements – and in addition massively reduces the operating and hardware costs. Click here for case study

Case Study

Real time Solutions – the direct line to your customers.

How does one counteract possible shop cart abandonment in e commerce and lead the customer to individually tailored offerings? And that too: in real time? The real time solution designed by WidasConcepts makes it possible – and simplifies at the same time, a timely and customer-centered re-targeting. Click here for case study


Here customers find, what they want.

With our Big Data solutions you optimize your product portfolio and align your offer even more targeted to the needs of your customers. This way, you inspire visitors to your online store. And, furthermore also exactly know what goods you should keep in stock. The advantage: You can more accurately calculate your stock, save storage costs and can even predict profits more precisely. Would you also like that? Contact us!


An Online-Shop with many faces.

With our Big Data solutions you perfect the regionalization and personalization of your online store. Shape your website so dynamic, that your offers are displayed according to customer preference, target group, region, weather or current events on a customized homepage. Would you also like that? Contact us!


More service to your customers.

With our Big Data solutions you can significantly improve customer service, by personally responding to your customers. This is because you always have access to the complete customer history and can individually respond to customer requests, complaints or questions, or actively communicate with the customers – even in real time! A further building block in a positive customer experience. Would you also like that? Contact us!


Win the price war.

With our Big Data solutions, you can easily implement dynamic price adjustments. This way, you beat your competition in the price war and make your customers more attractive offers! With data mining and real-time analytics you can track your customers, predict their behavior and automatically in real time make price adjustments. This way, you can prevent for example: shop cart abandonment. Would you also like that?


E-commerce Companies, which work with Big Data, generate up to 73 percent more turnover than its competitors.


15,18 €

A return costs online retailers an average € 15.18. Nearly half of all e commerce companies have a return rate of around 10%. And every 10th return is no longer usable. With Big Data from WidasConcepts you know your customers’ needs better and act more efficiently.


Big Data as an opportunity for businesses. Thomas Widmann in conversation.