cidaas – your fast and secure Customer Indentity Management Solution

Regardless, whether on Portals, in Webshops or over Mobile Apps – You want to personally know and delight your customers – With cidaas we offer you a fast and secure Customer Identity Management solution with Social Login

“The customer is King” – never before has the meaning of this age old-wisdom been so significant as it is today. The internet and social-media has given more power to the customers and consumers and has turned them into complex and critical market players . It’s high time you know the expectations of your customers and rightly manage it.

With cidaas we provide you with a smart solution for your Customer Identity Management, that offers your customers a comfortable and secure access to your Portals, Webshops or mobile Apps. The Login is accomplished over the customers own social-media-account, an additional registration step is not necessary anymore!

Your Customer enjoys the comfort and highest level of security – with perfectly consistent experience across all channels, and with personalized services. The knowledge you so acquire can help you win loyal customers from satisfied customers and from loyal customers to delighted customers. Sounds good? Learn more about us!

The intelligent connect between User Convenience und IT-Security!

Our comprehensive feature-set built using proven technologies is designed to offer scalability, security and flexibility to manage customer identities and data. Businesses profit not only from transparent and predictable costs but also from quick implementation and zero maintenance requirements!
Learn more about cidaas and the many advantages it has to offer. We are happy to hear from you. Request a Demo now! Please read our current interview for more details.


Take off together into the digital future.