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Abstract for submission of a lecture at the BITKOM Big Data Summit
Structure: Introduction, requirements, challenges, best-practices: examples
Main Topic “Business-Strategy and management team”

Big Data as Business Enabler

Big Data is revolutionizing computing and changing Business processes for many industries. On the one hand, with the Internet of Things more and more end-devices are recording information, for example, micro-computer in intelligent objects such as wearables, transport-mediums and production machines. On the other hand information is increasingly electronically transmitted – in the private sector but also in companies. So more and more information is collected in ever shorter periods of time. Big Data is a fundamental concept, to enter the Post-modern Business: If we succeed, to link this data meaningfully and to evaluate it, valuable decisions and recommendations can be derived, costs can be saved as well as delight customers and win their loyalty. It is time to develop innovative ideas to bring one’s own Business forward.

In his presentation, Thomas Widmann, CEO of WidasConcepts GmbH, transfers important expert knowledge, as to how companies can meaningfully use their data: then, first of all it is necessary to identify use cases. These should show how the business can be enhanced by the knowledge gained from the data and how these findings ultimately be integrated into the business processes. As a rule, only such data should be collected that can be usefully processed even immediately. This is deduced from both the corporate strategy, but also from current events. In order to draw meaningful analysis from collected data, it also needs good analytical thinking as well as the safe handling of the corresponding mathematical and statistical methods.

Also, light is thrown on the subject of Data-security. Often times, in businesses the question regarding the ownership of data and the consequences that comes with its provisions come to the fore. Thomas Widmann addresses these challenges and calls for an open approach to the issue of data protection with respect to customers or employees and more agility in companies, in order to simplify the implementation of these new approaches of information processing. Because a value-add is generated from the findings out of the mass of data, from which ultimately everyone benefits. On the basis of best-practice examples, explains Thomas Widmann, what advantages does Big Data bring about and how entrepreneurs can quickly bring the desired Big Data ecosystem to the start in order to drive their businesses forward.

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The innovative IT consulting company WidasConcepts supports its customers since 1997 in successfully shaping their business processes. WidasConcepts develops modern and future-oriented concepts in the areas of Big Data, Internet of Things, as well as mobile and web-solutions. It aims to create intelligent business solutions that brings more success to the customers in the competitive market. The company serves its customers strategically from the business analysis up to the implementation of the overall solution for a wide variety of platforms and end-devices. WidasConcepts transports the bigger picture of IT. The company headquartered in Wimsheim near Stuttgart. Along with the branch office in Bangalore, India, it has currently 90 employees and is a member of the high-tech Association BITKOM.

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