Big-Data-Technologies for fleets and fleet management

Abstract for submission of a lecture at the BITKOM Big Data Summit
Structure: Introduction, community platform introduction, advantages
Leading theme “Big-Data-Technologies for fleets and fleet management”

CarbookPlus – Big Data vehicle management in the cloud
The ongoing digitization and networking makes no stop even at the automotive industry:
More than 90 percent of all innovations in the automotive industry are based currently on electronics and IT systems. The number of vehicles, which are connected to the Internet, is increasing. These send and receive data via the cloud. You can in addition, be networked via open platforms and exchange relevant information, which, on the one hand, actively support the driver, and on the other hand, provides extensive usage information.

CarbookPlus, a free, independent and user-friendly community platform brings together all the information about the vehicle and creates a value-add for the driver and vehicle owner. It provides an independent and comprehensive view of their own mobility and the vehicle management up to the entire fleet.

In his lecture Thomas Widmann, Managing Director of WidasConcepts GmbH, presents how vehicles can easily be registered by scanning the vehicle-identification-number and details the advantages of an electronic logbook for the user. During the recording of journeys, vehicles will be localized. The driver can see useful instructions such as speed-camera alerts, traffic info or the closest convenient gas station. Networked vehicles communicate with each other and warn themselves of roadworks, accidents or damaged-roads.

The subject vehicle-cost management is thrown light upon, in particular in the presentation. Invoices and receipts can easily be scanned via mobile app and transferred online in the CarbookPlus-vehicle-file in the cloud. As a result, the information is always available and everywhere too. Embedded devices with direct interfaces in the vehicle should in the future, even automatically collect this information and report directly to CarbookPlus. Drivers and vehicle owners will this way receive current information about the own eco-performance, the total cost of ownership of the vehicle, as well as important feedback from the community. Companies with fleet using the platform, receive even a complete electronic fleet management.

Thomas Widmann clarifies in his presentation, how drivers, vehicle owners, the community and the automobile manufacturers can profit from modern Big-Data technologies. In a short and concise manner, he also goes into the technical background information.

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