Organizational Structure

We are WidasConcepts. Interested, ambitious IT visionaries and passionate IT experts. Our motivation: solving complex, digitally-driven tasks with intelligent concepts & software. Experts with competent, technical and industry-specific knowledge who stand for clever and profitable business solutions. Today and tomorrow.

Widas Organization structure

WidasConcepts GmbH

WidasConcepts GmbH has geared up to face the challenges of the future with a new structure. The independent subsidiaries Widas Technology Services GmbH and Widas ID GmbH will do justice to the expanded portfolio with its differentiated services. The parent company WidasConcepts is responsible for strategic corporate and IT consulting for you as a customer in all strategic issues relating to digitisation and future orientation. The goal is to transport the Bigger Picture of IT.


Widas Technology Services GmbH

Widas Technology Services GmbH focuses on individual organizational requirements and the personalized development of intelligent, future-proof business solutions. Consequently, the company also takes over the operation of these solutions in hybrid and public cloud infrastructures for the WidasRun data hub. Digital solutions that modernize and perfect the context of the user and his mobility in the digital environment.


WidasConcepts India Pvt. Ltd

WidasConcepts India Pvt. Ltd is the counterpart to Widas Technology Services, and offers intelligent, customer-oriented solutions in Big Data, IoT and digitalization in general for the Asian region. With the proven Shared Development model, we assure our customers the advantage of developing high quality, faster and cheaper software solutions.


Widas ID GmbH

Widas ID GmbH concentrates on the development and operation of services related to the topics of identities, authorization, authentication, access management, etc. With the modern, innovative Customer Identity & Access Management cidaas, that comes with a comprehensive feature set which includes Consent Management, multi-factor authentication, IoT-Device Authority and much more – the company is positioning itself in the CIAM market.