Culture at Widas

Every employee contributes to the organizational success at Widas

HighEnd-Technology requires HighEnd-Competence!

This tagline describes in a sentence what WidasConcepts stands for. This throws out a challenge across all WidasConcepts employees to live up to this motto and is but also an opportunity! because WidasConcepts not only challenges but also supports and encourages.

The corporate culture at Widas is defined through:

Customer Orientation

Service-/Quality Orientation

Employee Orientation

We have realized that the corporate culture and its related aspect: work-quality, is the key factor to increase the company’s competitiveness and the satisfaction of employees alike. The challenge, of maintaining a healthy balance between:

  1. Performance of each and every employee
  2. Development and sustenance of the employee motivation
  3. Development and sustenance of hard and soft skills
  4. Cost optimization

so that the employee and in turn the company, is well capable of delivering efficient service and with high quality, is the central component of the daily responsibilities of our managers.

And hence, at WidasConcepts, we lay a lot of emphasis on