Optimal vacation-planning eases the nerves

Written by Esther Klinke

Optimal vacation-planning eases the nerves

Thursday, 01 October 2015 00:00

Optimale Urlaubsvorbereitung schont die Nerven!

July to September is also at WidasConcepts the most popular holiday-time. In order for the holidays to be relaxing and not be stressful, it is worthwhile to speed up and plan well in advance and prepare for the holiday.

  1. To make sure someone can take your place and getting him up-to speed with the work.

Although one does not have to name a representation, while it is evident from role-definitions, it would be good to inform again about your upcoming vacation and even fix a meeting to hand-over tasks. The meeting aims at avoiding misunderstandings and a detailed clarification of issues or questions.

  1. To address any open projects

Who is still expecting a reply/feedback? What appointments are pending? Where does one find important contact-information? The more precisely you help your colleagues in handing over of work, the less time you need to get back up to speed, after your holiday. Make a list of urgent-matters, your colleague cannot remember everything.

  1. On the last day before going for vacation

No important appointments to be fixed on the last day. Complete tasks and prepare for your first day of work – Yes, even if that is difficult. Create a to-do list for your first working week after the holiday.

  1. Leave behind a notice-of-absence

In any case leave an out-of-office message for your E-Mail Inbox and the phone. So all who want to contact you while on vacation, are informed about your absence. Ensure a contact is specified including the contact info, who can be reached in case of urgent-matters. The absence should not be set at the very last second. It is best to do this a day before so you can devote yourself to the last open tasks on the last working day in peace.

WidasConcepts wishes all colleagues, customers, partners, and other vacationers lots of fun!