Our summer party on 27.07.2018

Our summer party on 27.07.2018 150 150 manu.mukundan
Written by Ariane Herbak

Our Summer Party on July 27, 2018

Friday, July 27, 2018

On this wonderfully sunny Friday it was time again for our 2nd Widas team event! This time the team event had the motto: Summer Party! In bright sunshine we spent a fun afternoon with burger barbecues, cocktails, good music and great games.

The day began with a presentation by founder and CEO Thomas Widmann. He gave an overview of the current course of the company as well as achieved and future goals. Afterwards, the HR department presented the ideas of the last team event that have been implemented so far.

After the presentations, the various workshop topics were dealt with. The aim of these workshops is to give a stage to the suggestions and ideas of the employees. Different topics are worked on together with colleagues from different departments. In this way, not only is employee participation lived out, but many new ideas are also generated, which we want to integrate at Widas in the future. Today’s workshops have again generated many great new ideas that will be implemented by the next team event.

After all the groups had presented their ideas, it was time to decorate and prepare for the afternoon. The barbecue was started, vegetables were cut, cocktails were mixed, the game consoles were set up and of course we had plenty of fries!


After we all enjoyed delicious burgers and cocktails, the games started. Besides the good old Nintendo 64, we also built an XBox 360 with Kinect. At the same time, board games like Settlers of Catan could also be played.

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