Exhibition review automatica 2018 in Munich

Exhibition review automatica 2018 in Munich 150 150 manu.mukundan
Written by Paul Pietruszka

Review of Automatica 2018 in Munich

Tuesday, 25 September 2018


With the IT2INDUSTRY category, automatica provided a platform for digitization in production. We at WidasConcepts showed which technological possibilities are offered to companies to implement their digital transformation. The interest in topics such as identity management and the collaboration between man and machine was particularly high.

IoT Device Authority with cidaas
Digitized work steps are no longer limited to communication between man and machine, but also have an impact on M2M. Products in the manufacturing process run independently through the production steps, machines automatically order parts and trigger maintenance and repair appointments. The trend towards a rapidly increasing number of “Connected Devices” is unmistakable, making clear identification, authentication and authorization of the devices indispensable.
With cidaas, a cloud-based solution for your identity management, you not only recognize the user, but also his devices. In addition, your partners and suppliers can also manage their users and business partners. This enables efficient control over assignments, roles and authorizations. You can find further information at: www.cidaas.de

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Collaborations – the dominating theme
Collaborative robotics is conquering the market at a rapid pace, opening up almost unlimited automation possibilities. From sensors to collaborative robots and complete systems: direct interaction between man and machine is becoming increasingly common. With extensive experience in the field of Industrial Internet of Things and the use of the latest Big Data technology, we already offer solutions for a networked world of Industry 4.0.

Take the opportunity and experience cidaas-in-action with our cidaas demo directly here.

cidaas in action


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