Digital processes to manage global value chains and leverage optimization potential

Industry 4.0 & the Smart Factory

Rethinking processes from a Digital Perspective

$44 T

The total market for digital manufacturing is expected to be sized at around 1.4 trillion U.S. dollars, globally by 2030.*


85 percent of manufacturers in the UK use digital technology to transform the way their company conducted work.*


33% of industrial companies have already digitalized their supply chains in support of Industry 4.0*

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Enabling optimization through digitalization

The next level of automation has arrived. In the age of Industry 4.0, machines and systems communicate with each other, control and optimize themselves independently. The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized business and science alike. Its impact on productivity, efficiency, and value chains are enormous. We, at WidasConcepts help you embrace a Cognitive – Connected – Virtual – Human centred approach to harness technology the right way to optimize production effort & costs, but with the customer always in focus.

Our Services and Competencies

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Big Data expertise

With our Big Data proficiency, we help you adopt the customary lean 6 sigma, the digital way – exploiting the potential of predictive analytics, our solutions help you transform your performance with the cross functional use of information across systems. Our human and data centric approach helps you with insights into adjusting production dynamically to meet customer expectations, thereby retaining customer trust as well as optimizing production.
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IoT Capabilities

With connected devices playing a pivotal role in process optimization, our IoT solutions facilitate a collaborative functioning of systems. Such a connected ecosystem also makes unambiguous identification, authentication and authorization of the devices indispensable. We additionally offer “IoT Device Authority Management” features that are fundamental to enabling a smart factory.
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Consulting Services

Based on your business workflows, we offer recommendations on choosing the right digital model & the corresponding technology and help you design solutions that harness data to get a holistic view of facts & figures in real-time across all the sections of your supply chain. This in turn could be leveraged to have a customized engagement with customers and optimize operational costs and effort.