Knowledge transfer at Widas

Written by Esther Klinke

Knowledge transfer at Widas

Tuesday, 04 August 2015 00:00

Establishment of the WidasWissenstransfer: The employees of a services providing company, such as those of WidasConcepts GmbH are the decisive factor in the realization and implementation of marketing- or market-strategy. For our customers, the individual consultant is the contact person, and is thus perceived as a quality indicator for the entire company.


We are aware of this and therefore we do not want to throw our employees in the cold water and it is now more than half a year that the WidasWissenstransfer was founded. Here we can pick-up and take-away weekly and short sessions by our new colleagues, by briefing them on topics such as software development methodologies, software architecture, project management and quality criteria in consulting.

We are aware that there are not only internal and external exchanges, rather the internal communication affects the external communication much more. Inadequately informed consultants cannot provide the necessary information to our customers, hence, cannot offer the best consulting service – but that is precisely our responsibility. That is why we are especially happy, that the WidasWissenstranfer is so well received by our employees. Is the corporate culture rooted in the minds and hearts of the employees? We are convinced that this is so!