IT Strategy Consulting

Because it’s the survival of the ‘digitally’ fittest!

In order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitisation, a long-term and well thought-out IT strategy is the basic prerequisite for companies. It may sound like a tightrope act to maintain and operate the existing IT infrastructure and its applications and at the same time acquire the necessary expertise to design innovative and digital processes to survive in the age of digital transformation.

To strengthen your position in digital race, WidasConcepts can help you choose the right IT strategy. Be it architecture, digital tools and platforms or the implementation of the right solution – we help you with your digital transformation while you can take care of your core competencies.

Our Competencies

Comprehensive End-to-End Delivery

Improve your customer experience while optimizing effort and costs. Our experts understand your business and your customers and provide recommendations for improving your existing operating software and implementing innovative solutions.

A software environment tailored to your requirements and with a strong focus on your customers- Our IT specialists support you from conception through implementation and maintenance.

Be it private cloud, public cloud or hybrid architecture - we support all conceivable infrastructure models and operate your software on cloud services such as AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud or our own data center WidasRun

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Cloud Hosting capabilities

Along with providing software consulting & development services, we also offer our own Data Centre, WidasRun, to run and operate your solutions.

Our DevOps experts not only ensure fail-safe and efficient operation of the data center but are also happy to provide recommendations on defining the ideal set-up that best suits your needs.

Our cloud solutions and hosting rely on a future-oriented technology stack, i.e., Docker, Elastic, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, MongoDB, and much more.

With our in-house cloud hosting infrastructure, you enjoy the following benefits: GDPR compliance, 24/7 support by our experts, flexibility – both in terms of resources and technologies, adaptability to your individual needs, use of most modern hardware and software.