Founding of the Widas Socializing Club

Written by Esther Klinke

Founding of the Widas Socializing Club

Monday, 30 May 2016 00:00

The Widas Socializing Club was formed at the beginning of the year. The aim of the club is to quickly and more personally integrate the new employees, in some cases to those who have moved, make the evening happy hours more enjoyable and also to give a chance to the existing Widas team members to get to learn about each other also outside of the projects.
After all: “Colleagues are the only partners with whom we do not pair with in general, even though we spend most of the time together with them.” (Manfred Poisel, German copywriter)”. We endeavor to make this as pleasant as possible.

Our first event on February 19, was a complete success. After the sumptuous grill and barbecue, an evening of games was organized. Almost half of all employees took part and the last game was wound up only at about 22:30, which led us to declare the Widas Socializing Club as successful.
Another event was quickly planned, that we set out on April 15, with three groups to Live Escape Game in Stuttgart (a photo can be found on our Facebook page). We then let the evening take its course with paella and tapas. Other events are planned and to follow soon. On the wish-list are among others, Lasertag, bowling and rock-climbing. We hope that the following events will be as fun as the ones in the past and that the number of participants continue to rise!
When you also want to be a part of the WidasConcepts WidasConcepts team and in future want to meet colleagues outside the work place, then find the current vacancies here:

The article was contributed by Esther Klinke for WidasConcepts GmbH.