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$7.7 T

The global e-commerce market is worth 7.7 trillion US dollars *


61% of visits to global retail websites are made by smartphone *


The global market volume of digital buyers will increase to 63 percent in 2019*


Digitization in E-commerce

The future of B2C and B2B e-commerce lies in the integration of cognitive technologies that analyze customer behaviour and deliver valuable insights that create a consistent and transparent customer experience.

The focus here is on providing personalized offers that affect both products and their prices, as well as flexible payment options and efficient customer service. As technical developments such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality and biometric processes continue to advance, the industry will continue to gain momentum.

WidasConcepts accompanies you on your way into the future and ensures that you have the digital edge! Together with you, we design the e-commerce platform of the future, advise you on the technological possibilities and develop and operate your IT solutions in retail and e-commerce.

Our competencies

Customer Journey and Compliance

Customer Journey and Compliance

User comfort, secure transactions and high loading speeds - this makes for a first-class shopping experience. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we provide you with the best architectures and platforms to make your customer journey even more efficient. Our flexible Cloud Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution - cidaas - also provides you with secure and convenient identity management of your growing customer base - regardless of location, and in compliance with regional and global data protection regulations. With cidaas, you can create an end-to-end omnichannel experience and link digital and real identities, e.g. via geofencing, beacons or NFC. We would be happy to advise you on the advantages and use of a modern Identity Management System.
Customer Insights with Real-Time Analytics

Customer Insights with Real-Time Analytics

Reacting quickly to market-specific fluctuations and thus acting in a customer-oriented manner - this is the only way to survive in today's competitive environment. Our IT solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics technologies help you to optimize your product portfolio. For the development of our solutions we use the latest technologies such as (Event) Stream Processing or intelligent distributed search technologies. By means of data mining and real-time analysis you will gain important insights about your customers. You can predict their behaviour, receive a wealth of detailed information and can use this information to make well-founded business decisions and react in real time to provide customers with an appropriate, personalized offer.
Digital solutions for e-commerce and retail

Digital solutions for e-commerce and retail

User convenience, consistent and individual communication, efficient logistics processing, seamless payment processing and strong fraud and suspected fraud detection - these are just some of the challenges that digital transformation brings with it. We support you and advise you on thedevelopment of tailor-made digital solutions - including 24/7 support. Our expertise helps you to identify potential for cost optimization and business expansion at an early stage. We will work with you to develop the e-commerce and retail platform of the future to provide your customers with a great customer experience and give you the decisive competitive edge.