Digital Standards as the Plus for Security

Digital Standards as the Plus for Security

With a new portal and the associated mobile applications, workflows in the safety testing of machines and systems are even simpler: We show you in our use case how work safety and the associated processes can be made more efficient by digitizing the processes.

Security experts examine a large number of machines and devices for workplace safety: the oven in the bakery next door is just as much a part of it as complex plants in power stations. The work requires a high degree of concentration and accuracy so that the safety of the employees on the machines is always fully guaranteed. To carry out this demanding task in consistently high quality and with valid results, the experts need modern, reliable tools. A new mobile solution makes the testing process much easier. The necessary data is standardized in the cloud, processed and updated and provided in real-time. All specialists therefore always work with the most up-to-date state of the information and get these as per need for each upcoming examination.

Assistance on field and networking of expertise

The basis for this solution is a portal developed by us within the IT landscape of the audit company. The responsible product manager maintains all necessary regulations and work instructions, which must be available in the mobile application. Changes in the process or new regulations are also provided. The app guides the test experts on site through a predefined, standardized structure, in which they not only access the most up-to-date information, but also record their test results. The software solution ensures that all relevant points are controlled without gaps. It automatically generates a report from the results which the expert can then send to the customer at the push of a button. The report is also stored centrally in the database on the portal. This means that the entire expertise is bundled in one place and is always up-to-date – especially in the current case, a very efficient solution. Thilo Jocher, Division of Internet of Things at WidasConcepts GmbH, says: “We are able to network individual processes, bundle knowledge, present it at the most current level, and thus create fast communication channels. The digitization of workflows results in more efficient ways of safety assessment: a simplification of work for all stakeholders.”

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