Customer Identity Management

Securing Digital Identities – The Foundation Of Trust

With the “Internet of Everything”, there is a constantly growing number of devices that are not only connected to each other, but also communicate constantly with each other. The secure management of digital identities has thus become one of the most crucial factors in gaining trust and credibility a amongst customers, partners and employees.

Have you ever thought of securely managing all identities on a single universal platform? Obviously, you cannot afford to neglect user comfort and compliance with all legal regulations. With cidaas, our Customer Identity and Access Management solution, you get a modern all-in-one solution that combines security and convenience and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing software – fast, secure and unmatched!

Our Competencies

Secure Authentication

Fraud detection using Big Data technologies

Activation of 2-FA in case of suspicious activities

Multifactor Authentication using latest Biometric techniques

Face recognition, Voice Recognition, Fingerprint recognition, Pattern recognition, TOTP and Smart Push apart from Email, SMS, IVR, Backup Codes and FIDO based verifications.

finger print

Consent Management

Provision to centrally manage and display Consent documents

Feature for customers to manage their consent preferences

Option to present available personal data in electronic format for customer review

EU-GDPR compliant

Follows Kantara receipt specifications

Physical Access Control

Leveraging NFC (Near field communication) and Face recognition, access to physical premises can be secured by integrating our access control solution with existing security systems

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Real-time user & device identification can link digital and real world identities

Behavioral profiling for a better customer relation as well as higher conversion rates due to personalized offers