Data Science Conference – The Fifth Elephant

Data Science Conference – The Fifth Elephant 768 432 Manu Mukundan

Written by Kristin Wiggers

Data Science Conference - The Fifth Elephant

Friday, 27th of July, 2018 in Bangalore, India

This Friday was full of events. While we were enjoying our summer party on our sun terrace, our HR colleague Bhakti from India was at a data science conference called “The Fifth Elephant”. This is where Data Scientists from all over India came together to discuss the latest issues and changes in the technology world. Topics included “The Power of Intuition in Data Sciences and why it always wants to be a role” or “Understanding Scalability Limits of Spark Applications”.Image-2

Since Bhakti was the only human resources specialist among many IT specialists, she was thrilled to make new acquaintances. What sounds like paradise for a recruiter in Germany is hard work for our Indian colleague. Because the Indian market looks somewhat different from the German market: Where we have to actively look for IT specialists here, the Indian market is teeming with potential that wants to be discovered. However, not all that glitters is gold here and so it is important for Bhakti to recognize who has real potential.


So she took the opportunity during the corporate contributions from Uber, Walmart Labs and co. Sharing with interesting people, enjoying the energetic mood and the enthusiasm that filled the whole hall. What output it generated, we will learn in our next HR Connect.