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The world certainly needs banking, but what about banks? Welcome to the era of “Financial Wellness Platforms”!


Digital banking users represent 40% of the global adult population*


Mobile banking users are now 50% of the global banked population*


Criminal data breaches (between 2018 and 2023) are growing at a rate of 22.5% per year*

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Smart Banking

With a radical shift towards digitalization, having a strong engaging relationship with customers is becoming crucial like never before in the banking industry. Bolstering the digital prowess of financial institutions will be critical in delivering the experience and service customers want. Digital readiness, ease of use, tailored financial products, real-time personalized & actionable advice and convincing data protection & fraud prevention measures are few of the parameters that influence customer trust & loyalty. The future of the banking industry will hence depend on its ability to harness the power of customer data using advanced analytics to provide the right customer experience. We, at WidasConcepts help you achieve this!

Our Services and Competencies

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Identity & Access management

We provide customized IAM solutions which re-affirm that security is never compromised. The features offered include SSO, Social Provider Login, Physical access control, linking digital & Real-World identities, Fraud & anomaly detection, 2FA and password-less Authentication supported by smart MFA (Multifactor Authentication) that leverages the latest biometric techniques such as Fingerprint Recognition, Voice recognition, Face recognition and much more.
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Fraud & Anomaly detection

Leveraging the benefits of predictive factors, Big Data analytics and Machine Learning to verify customers and detect Fraudulent activities, WidasConcepts provides built-in tools to detect anomalies and stop malicious attempts to access applications. User Analytics based response, Token Check, App/Device Profile Check are few of the checkpoints that are employed to keep fraudsters at bay in addition to alerts in case of suspicious activities.
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Consulting Services

We offer recommendations and help you build IoT and Big Data based customized solutions that employ predictive analytics to help you reach out to your customers in a more personalized way, help you prevent fraudulent activities & comply to all regional data regulations and integrate your internal banking products. This ultimately helps you focus on your Business, while your digital applications are supported by us from conception through implementation and maintenance.
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GDPR compliance with PDS2 capabilities

We offer banks and other financial institutions the possibility to provide their interfaces in a safe and protected manner to third parties, accordingly in-line with PSD2. This comes with the following benefits:
  • Our Cloud based solution is provided on-premise, on request.
  • Fast and uncomplicated integration into your existing application landscape.
  • Receive customer information across all channels and accordingly respond

Know your customers & grow your profits

In order to address customers optimally, you need to know them. How do we achieve high customer satisfaction and also optimize company’s profit? With a transparent customer journey and a very powerful smart banking platform – And we did it!
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Intelligent fraud detection

Security and privacy are the most important requirements for online and mobile banking. How does one identify the handwork of fraudsters as quickly as possible – and at the same time lay the basis for better processes and services? Our Fraud Detection System proved for a major bank as a multi-talent. Click here for the case study

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