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Banks & Financial Services

The world of banks and financial service providers are undergoing radical change. Topics such as online and mobile banking, fraud prevention, data protection and compliance are driving the industry. Innovative IT solutions and banking platforms are the answer and are also demanded by customers and users.


40% of the world’s adult population now conducts its banking business digitally*


50% of the world’s adult population already use mobile banking today*


The number of criminal breaches of data protection will increase by 22.5% per year between 2018 and 2023.*


Smart Banking

The increasing digitization does not stop at the financial services sector. Knowing its customers and building a strong relationship with them is therefore more important than ever before. Strengthening the digital performance of financial institutions will be crucial to ensure the quality and service that customers expect today.

Can you offer your customers modern financial services and digital financial products today?

The user-friendliness of the channels, customized financial products, personal and individual advice in real time, as well as data security and fraud prevention are fundamental requirements that influence trust and customer loyalty. The success of the financial sector will therefore depend on consolidating customer data using advanced analytics to deliver the right customer experience.

With innovative concepts and individual consulting, we at WidasConcepts help you give your customers and prospects what they want! Let us develop innovative IT solutions for you as a bank or financial service provider.

Our competences

Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management

We help you to implement a modern Cloud Identity & Access Management. We know the technological basics of Identity and Access Management, as well as the most diverse requirements, whether regulatory or from the market. With the use of Single-Sign-On (SSO) across all channels, the use of identity providers for the simple registration of (potential) customers up to the linking of digital and real identity via e.g. NFC technologies, we create a great customer experience. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and fraud detection for identity theft help you to meet regulatory requirements, such as PSD2. At the same time, you can use modern authentication methods, such as biometric procedures - fingerprint, voice and face recognition - to provide your customers with convenient access to your services via password-free authentication.
Intelligent IT solutions for fraud and suspicion detection

Intelligent IT solutions for fraud and suspicion detection

Together we will render your services more comfortable as well as safer. Widas has long been supporting customers in the banking, insurance and financial services sector in the design and development of fraud and suspected fraud detection systems. We rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Analytics technologies in the development of IT solutions. With our forecasts and real-time analyses, we detect anomalies and can thus detect and stop malicious attempts to access data and applications at an early stage. Get informed about suspicious behaviour or have the user's identity confirmed by further authentication to introduce an additional layer of security.
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Consulting Services & Digital Solutions

Concentrate on your business while we take care of your digital applications and platforms - from the conception, implementation, maintenance and operation of software solutions, WidasConcepts is your one-stop shop. In addition to IT strategy consulting, we help you to set up and develop your individual IT solution in order to offer your customers a personalized customer journey, to detect and fend off fraudulent activities at an early stage and to comply with the applicable regulatory requirements for security or data protection. We are the IT partner for banks and financial service providers!
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GDPR compliant and PSD2 compatible

The revised Payment Services Directive PSD2 concerns all banking institutions, regardless of their size, and opens payment markets to new competitors and service providers. We offer banks and other financial institutions the possibility to pass on their interfaces to third parties in a secure and protected way, in accordance with the PSD2. What advantages you will gain from this:
  • Our cloud-based solution is provided on site on request.
  • Quick and easy integration into your existing application landscape.
  • Customer information is available across all channels and you can react accordingly.

Do you know your customers?

To address your customers in the best possible way, you need to know them. But how do you achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and at the same time optimise your company’s profit? With a transparent customer journey and a smart banking platform that has it all.
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Intelligent fraud detection

Security and data protection are the most important requirements in online and mobile banking. How do you put a stop to fraudsters as quickly as possible – and at the same time create the basis for better processes and services? The introduction of a fraud detection system proved to be a multi-talent for a major bank. Click here for the case study



Take off together into the digital future.