Application Development

Applications for a digitized world

To be successful in today’s market, companies should put their traditional IT on trial and quickly design digital solutions that can be used to implement new digital business models. Modern software solutions are operated on cloud platforms with flexible and scalable architectures. We help you transform your applications to give you a competitive edge in the age of cloud and mobile: with state-of-the-art technologies, world-class software engineering and we also take over the operation of your solutions – so you can concentrate on your business development. (Managed Services by Widas). With our extensive software consultancy and product development experience, we can ensure seamless integration of mobile and web applications.

Our expertise in software development

Concept & Development

Based on our years of expertise in many industries, we support you in recognizing changes at an early stage and at the same time making your business processes fit for the future. From the improvement of existing solutions and structures, which are already integrated into your business activities today, up to the complete restructuring of your business processes, we help you to respond to the changed requirements caused by the digital transformation. Let us develop your individual software development and project management strategies together and walk the path to a successful digital future together.

application Development

Our project approaches

Digitization has come to stay - and only the most agile will survive! We make you fit for the challenges of the digital age.
Together with you, we drive innovation and provide strategic advice to help your business move forward and strengthen your competitiveness. In doing so, we firmly believe that the goal of every project is to deliver performance not only on time, but also with plenty of room for continuous innovation and improvement. This should also include the necessary flexibility to react to unexpected changes and still function smoothly without compromising on quality. Our flexible and agile software development approach helps us to achieve this.

Agile thinking and reacting

In order to help you take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization and to cope with the continuous changes that come with it, we rely on an agile development approach to create and further develop digital solutions together with you:

The customer is the centre of attention and is always involved in all important decisions.

Highest quality and high innovation quotient

Adherence to deadlines and involvement of all stakeholders in the development process

Short release cycles for adaptation to changes and feedback

DevOps model for a fast, repeatable and reliable software delivery process

Software development cycle

Provision of MVP (Minimum viable product) to minimize risks and save expenses.

Transparency and the identification of individual potential

Shared Development for efficient use of resources and shorter project durations in software development

Sustainable & agile project management methods

We make you fit for the digital transformation and develop digital solutions and strategies together with you that meet your individual requirements and from which you generate added value for your future business.

How to master the path to digitalization

Do you want to offer your customers a consistent and personalized user experience, overcome your technological hurdles and always offer exactly what is currently on the market? With forward-looking analyses based on Big Data and IoT solutions, we support you with our expertise and connect the digital world with the real one.

Digitalisation brings with its specific requirements in the direction of agility. Already in the conception phase we pay special attention to this and provide you with solutions that fit modern and efficient companies in a fast-moving digital world.

Adapt your applications, platforms and infrastructure to the needs of a digital enterprise. Our technical specialists will help you design and develop customized mobile and web apps for you and your customers with features such as Intelligent Search, Responsive Design, Sales & Service solutions, etc. -Of course, with the latest and best technology stacks.


Digital Transformation - #Together

Turning your digital challenges into potential opportunities is our job. Together with you, we drive your digital transformation forward - for even stronger customer relationships.

So that you can focus on your growth potential, we are available around the clock to help you develop, implement and operate your digital solution.

Regular bug fixes, software updates and maintenance ensure that your solutions are always state-of-the-art and feature an innovative design that supports your digital growth.