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July 2018

Data Science Conference – The Fifth Elephant
Written by Anne Ephrem

Data Science Conference - The Fifth Elephant

Friday, 30th of July, 2018 in Bangalore, India

Friday was definitely an eventful day for our HR colleague, Bhakti, who was participating in a Data Science conference called “The Fifth Elephant”, at Bangalore. It is one of the most sought after platforms, where leading practitioners in the Industry come forward, speak on the recent advances in Data Science, share their experiences on challenges faced, the best practices adopted to make a difference, and above all, share ‘Knowledge’!
Like Robert Noyce, we too believe that “Knowledge shared is Power multiplied!”


There were diverse discussions across topics such as the Power of intuition in Data Sciences, Understanding scalability limits, artificial intelligence, research in machine learning and emerging domains. Being the only HR Specialist among a Data Scientists dominated crowd, the opportunity helped Bhakti get deep insights into the latest trends in the industry, specific focus points, and potential areas of business. She was, in fact, overwhelmed by the energy and enthusiasm shown by all the participants – much to her surprise, there were speakers ranging from 20 to 50 year olds who represented companies from start-ups to large corporates. Companies such as Flipkart, Uber, InMobi ,Walmart Labs, Sapient, Go-JEK, Qubole shared their experiences.


Having all said and done, we would be able to learn the outcome of the participation in detail in the next HR connect. However, we are sure, the platform has indeed proved helpful in terms of collaborating, building relationships, identifying talents and business areas that could create wonders in Widas! The road ahead is definitely challenging for Bhakti, for, the onus of intelligently tapping the right potential lies on her – More power to you Bhakti!

Our Team Event on 20.07.2018 at Bangalore
Written by Anne Ephrem

Our Team Event on 20.07.2018 at Bangalore

Monday, 23 July 2018

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” – Plato

20th July was one such day, when we literally rediscovered ourselves and our office Buddies. The day that was organized at ‘Octave’ resort, started with a get-to-know-each-other ice breaker session (Thanks to Bhakti and Reshma, our Humble Rockstars!).

Never did we realize the power of prefixing the names of our friends with an ‘Adjective’ that best describe them – it gets even better when the adjective and the name start with the same alphabet! ‘Bright’ Bhakti , ‘Dangerous’ Dinesh , ‘Sacred’ Sanjay  and many more – We suggest you try it out once for yourself and see the wonders it creates!

We then moved on to events such as Guide the Blind folded, Treasure hunt, Passing the Peanut etc. All these events were ‘Team’ events, with more than 10 members per team. The games proved entertaining enough to bring out the kid in us! It was fun to watch our winning teams pounce on their prizes (bunch of chocolates) as if it was their most prized possession! On the other hand, to win the game, there were folks who were ready to stoop down to ground level to ensure their peanuts fell into the cup! Now when was the last time you did that ?!?!?!

2018-04-20_19-56-07-693   2018-04-20_19-56-07-693


Having said that all, there were a lot of untold messages that were conveyed through these events. Many of the games threw light on the importance of the contribution of each team member, in order to achieve a common goal – how critical it is to leverage every team member’s strength and help them overcome their weaknesses and more importantly, how to peacefully handle a crisis!


With quite a number of new joiners over the past few months, the day got all of us well acquainted with each other – And at the end of the day we took home loads of fun-filled memories, inspiring anecdotes, enlightening conversations and above all, a fire to get back to work with a renewed spirit of camaraderie!

Cheers to all of us!

Java Forum in Stuttgart
Visit to the Java Forum in Stuttgart on 05.07.2018
Written by Dennis Fuchs und Anke Wenz

Visit to the Java Forum in Stuttgart on 05.07.2018

Friday, 06 July 2018

Every year, the Java Forum held at Liederhalle, in Stuttgart, offers the opportunity to gain comprehensive information about topics related to Java and software architecture. Anke and Dennis took this opportunity and participated in the various lectures for WidasConcepts.

Java KOfnerenz2

The highlights include the following presentations:

Research findings and personal experiences with Test-Impact-Analysis – Dr. Elmar Juergens (CQSE GmbH)

The “Test-Impact-Analysis” analyzes already implemented unit and integration tests in such a way that when code changes, only those tests are performed, which were affected by the corresponding changes. In his talk, Dr.Elmar Juergens (CQSE GmbH) presented the execution of a wide variety of test suites of open-source-based tools via tree maps and showed the empirically measured, partly significantly reduced runtimes.

JUnit 5 & Testcontainers – Testing in the times of Java 10 and Docker – Tim Riemer (FNT GmbH)

The new version 5 of the popular Java-based test libraries, which was released in late 2017, is compatible with Java 8 and offers more than a handful of new options for optimally designing and implementing unit tests. These include, among others, the assignment of descriptive display names and the timely execution of individual test steps. In the second part of his presentation, Tim Riemer introduced TestContainers, a library that enables Docker containers (such as databases) to be initialized, started, and stopped using a JUnit test.

Java Konferenz
JUnit5 and TestContainers will soon be included in the WidasConcepts technology stack.

The time between the lectures was used to gather information on the companies that made presentations at various stalls or to take part in applicable competitions. With 10 out of 15 precise programming languages, Anke was able to impressively prove her profound knowledge in software development 😊

The day ended with one or the other shop talk with colleagues from past projects, where one thing became clear:

The Java world never stands still & after JFS is before JFS!

Anke & Dennis