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June 2018

cidaas : Automatica in Munchen
Highlights : Automatica 2018, Munich
Written by Paul Pietruszka

Highlights : Automatica 2018, Munich

Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Munich/WimsheimIn the IT2INDUSTRY category, Automatica provided a platform for digitalization in production. At WidasConcepts we demonstrated the technological possibilities that help companies adopt digital transformation. Particularly significant was the interest in topics such as identity management, as well as the collaboration between man and machine.

IoT Device Authority with cidaas
Digitalized work now no longer limits itself to communication between man and machine, but also has an impact on M2M. Products in the production process run independently through the production steps, machines automatically order parts and trigger maintenance and repair appointments. The trend of a rapidly increasing number of connected devices is evident, which makes unambiguous identification, authentication and authorization of the devices indispensable.
With cidaas, a cloud-based solution for your identity management, you not only recognize the users, but also their devices. In addition, your partners and suppliers can also manage their users and business partners. In this way, efficient control over assignments, roles and authorizations is possible. Further information can be found at:

cof automatica2018_tp1100

Collaborations – The dominant topic
Collaborative robotics is conquering the market at a rapid pace and opening up almost unlimited automation possibilities. From the sensor via the collaborative robot to the complete system: The direct interaction between man and machine is becoming increasingly prevelant. With extensive experience in the area of the Industrial Internet of Things and the use of the latest Big Data technology, we already offer solutions today for a networked world of Industry 4.0.

Take the opportunity and experience cidaas-in-action with our cidaas demo right here.

cidaas in action


Do you want to know more? Then just write a message to – we look forward to hearing from you!




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The HR Innovation Day on the 02.06.2018 in Leipzig

On the 2nd of June, 2018 I attended the HR Innovations day event, held in Leipzig, to learn about the latest HR trends.


This year’s HR Innovation Day yet again commenced with the motto Innovations in Human Resources. In addition to interesting keynote speeches on artificial intelligence and people analytics, the latest findings on topics such as employee satisfaction, leadership and work techniques were also presented. What makes the HR Innovation Day so unique is the friendly, informal atmosphere between the visitors as well as between the speakers and the audience. A space that allowed for a lively exchange of ideas and discussions on HR.

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There were many international speakers, Tom Haak from the HR Trend Institute in Amsterdam and Rebecca Lundin from Celpax in Stockholm to name a few. Phillip Schuch from Dusseldorf and Dr. Daniel Mühlbauer from Munich, also gave us exciting insights into the latest HR methods and trends.

The first lecture started right at 8 am and dealt with evidence-based personnel management. It was about the exploration of fundamental questions such as: What role does motivation play as opposed to meaningfulness and appreciation? What are the differences between the target groups? And is Generation Y really that different from baby boomers? Many exciting questions with apparently many surprising answers as evident from the numerous studies.

One other topic dealt with employee satisfaction. Rebecca Lundin talked about Employee Morale and the ability to capture daily employee satisfaction in an efficient, daily, anonymous and in real-time. The influencing factors that are brought to visiblity in this way allow companies to react timely and in a right manner to positive and negative events.

Cultural Fit was also among the important topics discussed. Christoph Athanas from metaHR, Berlin stressed on the importance of Cultural Fit between employees and companies. Every company is characterized by its own corporate culture, which must be made apparent in job interviews. Because this ensures that the candidate is given a realistic picture of the future employer. But here, the applicant is also involved. Does he get the realistic picture? Which corporate culture really suits him? Yet again, highlighting the need for honest, transparent job interviews.

Lastly, the talk by Martin Gaedt is especially noteworthy here, one who rose to fame with his books “Myth Skilled Shortage” and “Rock your Idea – Changing the World with Ideas” in 2014 and 2016. Anyone who has experienced his talks before, knows that Gaedt himself brings in the required creativity in his lectures. A porcelain plate is smashed, or paper planes are used to illustrate how quickly new ideas can be created, if you only allow creativity. In this article: “Rock your recruiting – 7 billion ways to 7 billion people”, Gaedt definitely calls for innovative HR. With many inspiring and amazing examples on the topic of employee recruitment, it was illustrated, how important creativity is in everyday work life.

Hardly any other industry sees so many innovations, as does IT. With flat hierarchies, an open corporate culture and agile communication methods, we have created a working environment to promote idea think-tanks and facilitate transparent exchange among one another.

Because new ideas not only need creativity, but above all the right environment to implement them.
With this in mind, I wish everyone a creative Monday!