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September 2016

Lecture: Digitization – if not now, when?!

Hardly is any topic being so hotly discussed as digitization. Given current numbers it is little surprising too, because over 50 trillion things are waiting only to be networked and integrated into the Internet of Things (IoT). About 100 trillion US dollars would be invested worldwide in 2016 alone, in cloud infrastructure and services. In Germany, economic output could rise by an additional 82 billion Euro by 2020. Digitisation is therefore anything but a short-term trend, much more remains of it‘s rapid entry with no industry sector spared. Business Transformation means many new opportunities for companies – that needs to be grabbed fast!

As part of the 2nd session of the Big Data and Analytics working group, Guide Share Europe, Thomas Widmann shows in his presentation, how companies can successfully equip themselves for the digital age to draw big benefits from IoT and Big Data. The event will be held on 28th September 2016 in Karlsruhe in the premises of Fiducia and GAD IT AG. Please click here for more details.

Interested in learning more about how to bring about successful and effective digitization? Get in touch with us. We look forward to hear from you.

Lecture: Change the way you drive

The CarbookPlus platform CarbookPlus bundles all information – vehicle and driving behavior related in real time. It is a free service with which drivers can manage their vehicles or the entire fleet. The aim is to simplify the recurring activities related to the use of the vehicle. For e.g.: A digital logbook is an integrated feature which can be used for tax saving purposes. Similarly, the search for the best fuel station on the way or to remain connected with the community. Here, one can compare vehicles, insurances, dealers, service stations and can post important tips for the travel.

In addition, CarbookPlus enables an independent and accurate assessment of the mobility behavior with respect to the individual and vehicle and therefore serves as the basis for a personalized and usage dependent billing. The collected data could in future be used for Pay-as-you-drive polices in the Insurance telematics. Customers benefit then from the customized tariffs, individually tailored to them.

Thomas Widmann stellt presents CarbookPlus and its many advantages at the next meet of the BITKOM’s Big Data workgroup , to be held on the 14th September, 2016 in the Ernst & Young GmbH premises in Stuttgart.
Learn more about CarbookPlus. Get in touch with us. We look forward to hear from you!

Invitation for the September-MeetUp on 22.09.2016 in Karlsruhe

We start the final round of the Big Data User Group well relaxed and full of energy! Our last meeting in Karlsruhe for this year will be held on 22nd Septemeber 2016. We cordially invite you to join us in what’s going to be an interesting and informative Big Data evening. At 18:30 hrs in FSSV Waldgaststätte (Adenauerring 36, Karlsruhe). The following topics will be served:

Apache Kafka 101 (Florian Troßbach, codecentric AG)
Apache Kafka is a distributed Message Broker, which operates according to the publish-subscribe principle. Due to its special architecture, a Kafka cluster can achieve immense throughput with very low latency – and on top of that, scale horizontally with great ease. Florian Troßbach explains the basic principles of the architecture and demonstrates how clients can integrate with Kafka.

About the speaker:
Florian Troßbach is an IT consultant, Codecentric AG. His expertise lies in the classical Java-Enterprise development. The “Fast Data” and SMACK Stack topics are also lately his focus areas.

Data management for Stream Processing – and all the rest (Dr. Harald Weber-Gottschick, 1&1 Internet AG)
On the one hand there are promises: The promise of Big Data is based on analytics of a broad variety of data gathered from a many different sources. The promise of many different data analytics tool vendors to do specialized analytics for many different use-cases (requiring specialized aggregation of those data.) A specialized class of applications even promises to base automated decisions on near real-time analytics, e.g. in the security domain.

On the other hand there is the reality: Grown data management architectures often implement many different solutions for the Analytics Value Chain depending on different technologies very much driven by the demand which existed at the introduction of a new data analytics tooling. Every functional domain implemented their own solution resulting in data silos. Data Management is based on file transfers, e.g. of log files, resulting in long lead times until a decision can be made.
The talk presents a sketch for a consistent architecture to allow the promises to come true by altering the reality. It also discusses some learnings from introducing first building blocks.

About the speaker:
Dr. Harald Weber-Gottschick is Business Architect for the Mail & Media subsidiary of 1&1. As such he is responsible for the overall logical architecture of such brands as WEB.DE, GMX and Besides other responsibilities he is concerned with an uplift of the data management systems towards modern Big Data and Stream Processing approaches.